Kids—At present, we’re able to offer childcare for children infant—3rd grade on Sundays. Children typically check into their classrooms but remain with their parents until the singing is finished, at which point their teachers arrive to take them to class. We’re shaping kids in the way of Jesus outlined below:

We seem to have lost the importance of the village elder in our culture. So few of us have had someone older and wiser take us under their wing, pour into us, and guide and shape our lives in the way of Christ. And because so few of us have had such an experience, many of us feel ill equipped to participate in forming our kids spiritually. Instead, we hope to connect them to a church or children’s ministry for that. It makes sense. But the reality is no one is shaping your child spiritually more than you. You are the one they see, hear, watch, and listen to more than anyone else. So our hope is to create opportunities for you and your kids to be on the same spiritual journey together. You don’t have to have all the right answers. Our kids don’t need answers half as much as they need us: our presence, our fears, our failures, our questions, our hopes, our hunches, etc. So whether you’re sitting next to your 3rd grader listening to a sermon about forgiveness or talking with your four year old about loving your neighbor, know that your children are looking to you to be with them as they sort these things out. And know that as a church we’re here to help along the way, whatever that might look like.
Part of what we believe Jesus was getting at is children aren’t to be excluded from Jesus’ ministry. It wasn’t simply an adult thing while the kids played over on the side. Instead, they were meant to be participants in the unfolding of His kingdom just like the adults. Kids have a knack for asking significant questions, questions that often send their parents into a tizzy wondering, “Will I ruin my child if I don’t answer this right?” But it’s not just their great questions. They also surprise us with piercing and holy insights. They’re always listening, always learning, always questioning no matter how busy at play they seem. In fact, play is one of the most fundamental ways children learn. For these reasons, we believe kids are fully capable of engaging the Bible and Jesus at deeper levels than we often give them credit for. Therefore, the children’s ministry at Brick City Church currently serves infants—3rd graders. We’re confident in the ability of fourth and fifth graders and beyond to engage with their parents and peers in the Sunday morning gatherings. Meanwhile, the younger children will be learning the same stories and passages of Scripture as their parents, only they’ll be doing so in age appropriate ways in their classrooms.
When Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God, he said that if people were to enter it, the prerequisite was to become like children. Think about that paradox: Grow by becoming younger! In another story, we find Jesus’ disciples shoo-ing children away from him because—of course—he has far more important things to do than “play” with kids. There’s a kingdom to establish, sick folks to heal, and a broken world in desperate need of salvation. But Jesus rebuked his disciples saying, “Let the little children come to me, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Somehow, children are included in the cosmic dimensions of Jesus’ mission on earth. He is adamant that children matter. They are to be engaged, instructed, celebrated, even learned from.


Students—Students 4th grade and up join parents in the worship service. Our 6th and 7th grade middle school students get together twice a month (2nd and 4th Sundays) to study “Basic Jesus” as well as connect through a meal and fun interactive activities. This group has a service project together for outreach, once per semester. Meanwhile, our high school students attend a collaborative youth group every Sunday night from 4-6 pm. What’s a collaborative youth group? Three like minded churches [Brick City Church, Grace Episcopal Church, and Live Oak Christian Fellowship] have combined their student ministry efforts.


Adults—We recognize faith is alive and dynamic and therefore we’re always on the journey of growing, becoming, and being shaped in the way of Jesus. Two ways we continue to grow is:

In the Fall, Winter, and Spring, there is an ongoing Bible Study on Thursday nights. The goal of the study is to aid adults in their ability to study Scripture themselves by growing their capacity to: understand the historical and cultural context of the Bible, connect the dots between the Old and New Testament, and develop an ability to approach the Bible in a new way.