Resistance to Reconciliation | Brad Nelson

February 17, 2019, Sunday Worship In the kind of peace Jesus gives, we see the difference between the peace keeping and peace making as we continue our study in the Beatitudes.

Pure in Heart | Brad Nelson

February 10, 2019, Sunday Worship

Separating & Stitching | Brad Nelson

February 3, 2019, Sunday Worship Mercy is about 3 things. 1. Empathy 2. Boundaries that sustain compassion 3. Replacing grace with judgment. When you give mercy, it always finds it’s way back to you.

Disturbed to Act | Brad Nelson

January 27, 2019, Sunday Worship Jesus says, “Blessed are you when you are disturbed enough by what’s wrong in the world to do something about.”

The Meek | Brad Nelson

January 20, 2019, Sunday Worship

Dancing thru Despair | Brad Nelson and Chaplain Herb Agee

January 13, 2019, Sunday Worship

Poor in Spirit | Brad Nelson

January 6, 2019, Sunday Worship Poor in Spirit | Brad Nelson from Brick City Church on Vimeo.

Magnificat | Rebecca Rogers

December 30, 2018, Sunday Worship Songs are powerful. Mary ushered in a subversive, quiet, disruptive revolution with her voice. As she sang, the heavens opened and a revolution of a different kind began with the birth of her Son. Let’s keep singing.

Christmas Eve Eve | Brad Nelson

December 23, 2018, Christmas Eve Worship

Don’t Spectate. Incarnate | Brad Nelson

December 16, 2018, Sunday Worship This is our first Sunday in our new location in Midtown Ocala. Join us as we talk about the ‘Architecture of Worship’. The text we will be exploring during this 3rd week of Advent is 1 John v.14 when the Word became flesh and dwelled among us.