You are Cordially Invited to a Larger Story | Brad Nelson

April 14, 2019, Sunday Worship on Palm Sunday The triumphal entry, in its historical and cultural context, takes on a whole new meaning.

What Are You Going to Do With All That Grace? | Brad Nelson

April 7, 2019, Sunday Worship What are you gonna do with all that grace? | Brad Nelson from Brick City Church on Vimeo.

Jesus! That’s My Job! | Brad Nelson

March 31, 2019, Sunday Worship

Borrowed Words | Brad Nelson

March 24, 2019, Sunday Worship

Way Down | Brad Nelson

March 17, 2019, Sunday Worship

Jonah | J.R. Briggs

March 10, 2019, Sunday Worship

Join the Resistance and Find Your Weird | Brad Nelson

March 3, 2019, Sunday Worship If our practice of the way of Jesus doesn’t incite opposition or resistance, then are we practicing the way of Jesus or something else? Join the Resistance & Find Your Weird from Brick City Church on Vimeo.

A Spiritual Evolution | John MacMurray

February 24, 2019, Sunday Worship John MacMurray is the founder of the Open Table Conference; a place for dialogue about faith, life, and spirituality featuring authors like Wm. Paul Young, Baxter Kruger, Brian Zahnd, and others. John recently wrote A Spiritual Evolution about the ongoing transformation of his own faith.

Resistance to Reconciliation | Brad Nelson

February 17, 2019, Sunday Worship In the kind of peace Jesus gives, we see the difference between the peace keeping and peace making as we continue our study in the Beatitudes.

Pure in Heart | Brad Nelson

February 10, 2019, Sunday Worship