What We Believe

VIM is our vision, intention, and means. They form the core of who we are and everything we do as a church.

  • Our Vision refers to the world we’re partnering with God to bring about.
  • Our Intention refers to the way we’re bringing that world about.
  • Our Means refers to the values guiding how we do all of that.

We seek to enter, experience, and expand the kingdom of God.

To re-order our lives around the way of Jesus in order to love God and love others.



  1. Learning—As disciples, we are apprentices who value ongoing learning as we seek to reorient our lives around the way of Jesus.
  2. Belonging—God designed us to live in life-giving relationships. We value celebrating, struggling, and growing in Christ with one another as essential to the journey of faith.
  3. Generosity—Because Jesus didn’t come to be served but to serve, we value embodying His  example by offering our time, abilities, and financial resources to one another and the world.
  4. Wholeness—We believe following Jesus is a lifelong journey. We value the inner journey of continually offering our fears, failures, and brokenness to God in order to become the fully integrated, whole people we were made to be.
  5. Reconciliation—Because Jesus is reconciling all things in Himself, we value reconciliation and learning to embrace and move through conflict both interpersonally and socially.

Covenant Partnership
Covenant is one of the most important concepts in the Bible. The Bible is held together by a series of covenant agreements between God and people. A covenant is a partnership between two people who work alongside one another in order to accomplish a goal together.  A covenant consists of promises and commitments. We believe Jesus invites His followers to become partners in His New Covenant. In this New Covenant, Jesus promises to make us into new creations and we commit to partner with God to bring about His kingdom by loving God and one another. But Jesus doesn’t invite us into the new covenant as individuals. He invites us into the new covenant as a community.

Covenant Partnership at Brick City Church Ocala, FL