The Pursuit of Wholeness | Brad Nelson

October 7, 2018, Sunday Worship

Further Up and Further In | Brad Nelson

September 30, 2018, Sunday Worship

A Heifer & A Rabbit Hole of Craziness | Brad Nelson

September 23, 2018, Sunday Worship

In the Bible, the ancient concept of covenant is the glue holding together God’s dream for the world. As God’s covenant partners, we’re invited to join God in ensuring the world’s flourishing, not in abstract “spiritual” ways, but with actual, tangible signs of the good news of God’s kingdom.

This is Not a Fishing Story | Brad Nelson

September 16, 2018, Sunday Worship

This is not just another fishing story! It’s a story about what happens when our “rights” run off the rails, and how Jesus would have us hold our rights in a totally different way.

Grace is the Engine | Brad Nelson

September 9, 2018, Sunday Worship

Grace comes to us in the midst of our mess. Grace calls us to a higher place. Grace keeps moving. Grace is the engine that keeps it all going.

Sardis | Brad Nelson

September 2, 2018, Sunday Worship

Pete the Statue | Brad Nelson

August 26, 2018, Sunday Worship

State of the Art A.E.I.O.U by Jim James| Josh Dease

August 19, 2018, Sunday Worship

How can we see technology with a Kingdom imagination?

Doubting Thomas by Nickel Creek | Brad Nelson

August 12, 2018, Sunday Worship

Open Arms by Elbow | Brad Nelson

August 5, 2018, Sunday Worship