Words | Dr. Leo Sandgren

April 12, 2015, Sunday Worship

Sin is not our default state. Perfection is what we’re called to, but who feels capable of that? This teaching explores what God made us for and how God is helping us to become that

Incendiary Grace | Brad Nelson

April 5, 2015, Easter Sunday Worship

The cross is God’s definitive act of hesed; lovingkindness, relentless, constantly pursuing, furious love. In what ways do you need God’s hesed to meet you right now?

Love Song of the Vineyard | Brad Nelson

March 29, 2015, Sunday Worship

We have been designed by God, from the very beginning, to cause the world around us to flourish. But the besetting human sin is to be a consumer and not a cultivator. What will you do with the vineyard God has entrusted to you?

Deus Ex Machina | Brad Nelson

March 22, 2015, Sunday Worship

At the end of the story of Ruth, God—who has been largely hidden—shows up, the crisis is resolved, and they live happily ever after. Sounds like a fairy tale. Except our lives aren’t fairy tales, and upon closer inspection neither is this ending. This teaching explores how God doesn’t rescue us from suffering but through suffering.

Sandal Collectors | Brad Nelson

March 15, 2015, Sunday Worship
A nameless kinsman redeemer decides not to redeem Naomi and Ruth because it’s a bad investment. Despite the cost, Boaz doesn’t see Naomi and Ruth as bad investments. He redeems them, and accepts the sandal of the unnamed kinsman. Like Boaz, we are called to be sandal collectors, redeemers who preserve the lives and value of those around us. What sandals do you need to collect?

Not a Victim | Brad Nelson

March 8, 2015, Sunday Worship

Naomi and Ruth stand in the rubble of what once was their lives and imagine a new future. They refuse to be victims. Instead, they act as valorous women who show us what it means to do our part in a world where God delights in using people to bring about redemption.

The Power of Kindness | Brad Nelson

March 1, 2015, Sunday Worship

Kindness, even in small ways, has the capacity to change someone’s day. In a desperate story where God is largely hidden, the kindness of Boaz inspires a woman who was cursing God to begin blessing people in God’s name. This transformation kindness is called hesed. It’s what God is known for, and it’s what God’s people are called to embody.

Keep Breathing | Brad Nelson

February 22, 2015, Sunday Worship
What do you do when you come to the end of yourself? You keep moving and keep breathing, but there are two kinds of perseverance. There’s the American myth that if you simply work hard, never give up, and keep going, you can do anything. Then, there’s a deeper sort of perseverance—the kind that awakens you to both your strength and your need. Ruth personifies that second kind of perseverance.

Not Abandoned | George Dennehy

February 8, 2015, Sunday Worship
Born with no arms in a small Romanian village, George was given up for adoption and neglected in an orphanage. George shares his story and explores how we all have our handicaps, but that God delights to use our weaknesses for His good purposes.

The Bitter Teacher | Brad Nelson

February 1, 2015, Sunday Worship
During the season of Lent we’ll be journeying through the book of Ruth. This teaching explores what it means to deal with pain and suffering faithfully.