Holy Contamination | Brad Nelson

June 17, 2018, Sunday Worship

Every week we come to the table and celebrate the Eucharist. But why? What does it mean? Who is it for? Why do we do it every week? How does it shape us and to what end? This teaching aims to recover the scandalous, subversive nature of the Eucharist.

Truthful People in a World of Falseness | Brad Nelson

June 10, 2018, Sunday Worship

In a world where falseness is the norm and truth in speech is the exception, Jesus calls his followers to be a truthful people. This teaching explores 4 implications for what it means to be truthful people in a world of falseness.

A Faith That Lasts Until the End | Josh Dease

June 3, 2018, Sunday Worship

Mary shows us how to be faithful to God’s kingdom even when things look differently than we expected.

Go Deep | Brad Nelson

May 27, 2018, Sunday Worship

This teaching explores how Priscilla, a woman who appears six times in the New Testament, shows what a life of depth looks like.

Open Up | Brad Nelson

May 20,2018, Sunday Worship

Amplify the Unseen | Brad Nelson

May 13, 2018, Sunday Worship

There is no mention of God in Esther. God is hidden, and yet Esther shows us how to find God in the hiddenness by amplifying what often goes unseen.

Tenderness and Becoming | Valerie Lacefield

May 6, 2018, Sunday Worship

Deborah is a judge, a prophet, and a military leader. In other words, she is a woman of capacity, but what is perhaps most fascinating about Deborah is the tender way she uses her capacity to help someone else become his deepest and truest self.

Heart Like a Hooker | Brad Nelson

April 29, 2018, Sunday Worship

Why does the New Testament honor a pagan prostitute as a relative of Jesus and a model of true faith?

Sweat the Small Stuff | Brad Nelson

April 22, 2018, Sunday Worship

Women of the Bible—In Depth

Despite naming and having many female colleagues in his New Testament letters (Junia, Phoebe, Priscilla, Lydia), Paul seems to silence women in Corinthians 14 & 1 Timothy 2. But is that what Paul is actually doing? This episode explores the background of these two passages as well as the household codes of Colossians 3.