Assessing the Damage | Brad Nelson

September 17, 2017, Sunday Worship

Assessing the damage in our lives is rarely an enjoyable process, and yet honest assessment about what’s wrong is the most trustworthy guide to rebuilding a life if we can muster the courage to receive it.

Nehemiah 1 Get Started | Brad Nelson

September 3, 2017, Sunday Worship

Lovše Family on Mission | Andrej Lovše and Josh Dease

August 27, 2017, Sunday Worship

Andrej and Nina Lovše are missionaries with Josiah Venture serving the local church in Slovenia. Their hope is for young Slovenes to follow Jesus and live as a church family on mission. If you would like to contact or partner with Lovše family, you can start here – Lovše Family on Mission

Faith and Science | Leo Sandgren

August 20, 2017, Sunday Worship

Own It | Brad Nelson

August 13, 2017, Sunday Worship

Public Faith | Brad Nelson

August 6, 2017, Sunday Worship

Acts 17:16-34

What can we learn from the first Christians about living well in a pluralistic world?

Discussion Questions:
1. What about this teaching stood out/challenged you?
2. What do you think it looks like to do faith in public?
3. What are some unhelpful ways Christians have sought to do faith in public?
4. What are some unlikely places where you’ve seen aspects of truth (like Paul did in Athens)?
5. What do you think it looks like to honor and/or welcome the aspects of truth we encounter in unlikely places?

The Unrealistic God | David Creek

July 30, 2017, Sunday Worship

There is a place beyond logic and reason; a place of deep knowing within. It is the place from which we remain true to what is in our depths, despite how foolish and improbable it may seem.

Masks | Brad Nelson

July 23, 2017, Sunday Worship

Angry God? | Brad Nelson

July 16, 2017, Sunday Worship

Spirit, Stereograms, & Self-Control | Brad Nelson

July 9, 2017, Sunday Worship

Jesus was constantly inviting His disciples beyond the obvious, beneath the surface to the thing behind the thing. This teaching explores self-control from the perspective of what is at the root of all particular vices and struggles and explores how self-control isn’t just about us but has far reaching implications for others around us.