Wear Gloves | Ken Kebrdle

February 11, 2018, Sunday Worship

Discipleship is more than just a command. Satisfaction and contentment in life occurs when we help create disciples who create disciples. We must hold ourselves and others accountable for what we learn on Sunday mornings.

What’s Already Yours | Brad Nelson

February 4, 2018, Sunday Worship

This teaching explores what it means to cultivate an inner disposition of trust and peace in an age of anxiety.

Didache Introduction | A Discipleship Experience

Didache is a year-long discipleship experience that will meet the first Wednesday of every month beginning February 7th at 6:30 pm. We’ll explore what faithfulness to Jesus looks like in the Brick City Church community. And because no one follows Jesus alone, we’ll be paired with mentors to journey with throughout the year.

Further Up and Further In | Brad Nelson

January 28, 2018, Sunday Worship

This teaching explores the challenge of understanding, and how Jesus invites us on a journey of lifelong learning. The only requirement is an open and teachable mind and heart.

Meals That Heal | Brad Nelson

January 21, 2018, Sunday Worship

Jesus’ kingdom revolution wasn’t a war of liberation waged against the Romans. It was a war of love waged against the tribal divisions of human brokenness; a war waged one meal, one table at a time. Hospitality is just another word for healing.

The Attention Economy | Brad Nelson

January 14, 2018, Sunday Worship

According to Martha Beck, “Knowledge is no longer power because knowledge is no longer scarce. What is scarce now is human attention.” What you entrust your attention to becomes your master.

Transformed thru Tension | Tammy Kelly

January 7, 2018, Sunday Worship

Most often we manage relationships and avoid conflict through patterns of control and dissociation. In Matthew 10:34-39 Jesus invites us to relational freedom through engaging tension.

Faithful to the Presence of God | Josh Dease

December 31, 2017, Sunday Worship

Scripture: John 1:1-18

Faithfulness is not about our pursuit of God, it is about God’s pursuit of us. Faithfulness is to stop running or hiding and to be caught; to surrender to the pursuing God who is present with his people. Faithfulness is to be present with the presence of God.

Putting Fear in it’s Place | Brad Nelson

December 22, 2017, Christmas “Eve” Eve Service

The Forgotten Character | Brad Nelson

December 17, 2017, Sunday Worship

There is a frequently overlooked character in the Christmas story. This character comes only where it can find space, in the lives of those who are emptied so something new can be born.