Stay Connected | Brad Nelson

November 19, 2017, Sunday Worship

Public fruit, private wreckage, microwave Christianity, and the power of abiding in Jesus.

Change the Story, Rethinking David & Goliath | Brad Nelson

November 12, 2017, Sunday Worship

David and Goliath isn’t an underdog story. It’s a counter-story. We become the stories we tell. When you change the story, it changes you.

Nov. 12, 2017 | Change the Story from Brick City Church on Vimeo.

Rearranged by Reconciliation | Brad Nelson

November 5, 2017, Sunday Worship

Philemon was a good Christian. His love and faith refreshed the hearts of the saints and brought the apostle Paul joy and encouragement. But Paul’s prayer for Philemon is that in the midst of all this good, he’ll discern what is truly effective.

The Butterfly Effect | Justin Touissant

October 29, 2017, Sunday Worship

This current age shouldn’t define us; we should define it.

Cleanse the Cardiac Lens | Justin Touissant

October 22, 2017, Sunday Worship

In our modern world, we have made a lot of discoveries about the human eye. But as we look at Matthew 6, we seem to gain a different view on how it really works, thanks to Jesus. It’s almost as if the ancient world had different perspective on perspective.

Lapdogs and Lion Hunters | Brad Nelson

October 8, 2017, Sunday Worship

Some people have no authority and only know vulnerability.
Others have authority and use it to prey on the vulnerable.
Still others have authority and wield it on behalf of the vulnerable.
But, there’s a fourth group: Those who don’t exercise authority and insulate themselves from vulnerability. These are the lapdogs.

Mastering the Middle | Brad Nelson

October 1, 2017, Sunday Worship

The middle is always the messiest part of any endeavor. It’s where the most fully encounter the forces of resistance aligned against us, and it’s where most commitments wither and die. This teaching explores what we can learn from Nehemiah and the builders about overcoming resistance and mastering the middle.

Pick Up the Bricks | Justin Touissant

September 24, 2017, Sunday Worship

In what could be viewed as one of the most boring chapters in scripture, Nehemiah 3 teaches us a thing or two about rebuilding and accomplishing what’s in front of us.

Assessing the Damage | Brad Nelson

September 17, 2017, Sunday Worship

Assessing the damage in our lives is rarely an enjoyable process, and yet honest assessment about what’s wrong is the most trustworthy guide to rebuilding a life if we can muster the courage to receive it.

Nehemiah 1 Get Started | Brad Nelson

September 3, 2017, Sunday Worship